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Often, media and marketing teams within nonprofit organizations find themselves stuck in their current state of fundraising  and outreach, struggling to push forward into today’s fragmented media landscape.

Vision40 Media is a critical partner in creating growth and advancing forward to drive recruitment and funding, while scaling your impact and telling your story through response-driven marketing and media using cross channel strategies (TV, Mobile, Digital, Audio, Print, etc.).

Vision40 Media provides nonprofits the opportunity to rapidly expand, while remaining focused on your core strategic concepts that matter most, reaching high-value sustainers.

Nonprofit Organization Invested $2M Which Delivered $6M in Revenue While Sponsoring Over 1000 Children in 1 Year Using Integrated Marketing

A Non-Profit Humanitarian Organization client hired us to provide a new strategy to reduce the cost per sponsor through marketing. The client realized they were spending too much on their advertising and were not seeing a good ROI.

By creating a comprehensive marketing strategy, we were successful in reducing the cost of sponsors from $400 to less than $200 each. We did this by using a targeted multi-channel approach that included monthly live events, TV, mobile marketing, digital marketing, monthly email blasts and print media.

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