Success Defined

Creative Strategy Decreased CPA by 50% for Child-Sponsorship Organization

A nationally recognized child-sponsorship organization experienced a sizable increase in their cost per assignment (CPA). Having had a successful longstanding radio program driven by radio host, the campaign, unfortunately, had fatigued.

Respecting the longstanding, substantial investment on the radio program, media executives met with each radio group to communicate the exact issue with regard to acceptable CPA to continue.
Successful station negotiations allowed for each station to secure a specific amount of child sponsors for a specific allocated budget over a 60-day period. In the event the child assignment goal was not met, the underperforming media would continue to air, at no cost, until the cost-per-child sponsorship goal was achieved.

All radio group owners understood the organization’s mission and the” why” behind the pay-for-performance solution. As a result, the cost-per-child assignments decreased by 50 percent, with some stations exceeding expectations.