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Online Learning

Often, media and marketing teams within the education sector find themselves stuck in their current state of fundraising  and outreach, struggling to push forward into today’s fragmented media landscape.

Vision40 Media is a critical partner in creating growth and advancing forward to drive enrollment and funding, while scaling your impact and telling your story through response-driven marketing and media using cross channel strategies (TV, Mobile, Digital, Audio, Print, etc.).

Vision40 Media provides distance learning organizations the opportunity to rapidly expand, while remaining focused on your core strategic concepts that matter most, recruiting long term student enrollment.

Online University Increased Tuition to over $11M in 1 Year Using a Targeted Radio Strategy with Digital Interaction

Having been approached by an online University with the goal in mind to increase the number of students through radio marketing – you’ll see the results we were able to achieve below.

They were reluctant to try radio marketing again due to the lack of response from past experiences.

We used a targeted radio marketing campaign that involved national celebrities and local radio personalities enrolling in an online course and sharing their experiences during their daily show. The key was to keep the radio copy fresh, engaging and genuine.

Also, we used an integrated mobile text and voice command strategy to capture prospective student responses.

The results?

The Radio marketing campaign budget increased from a $25k test to $1m within a year. What’s more, we discovered that Inspirational radio format provided strong student prospects with higher conversion with lower dropout rates.

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