Success Defined

Strategic Digital Campaign Decreases CPC from $175 to $20 or less

In the highly competitive landscape of online university marketing, a well-established university was looking to generate high-quality, low-cost leads for enrollment.

After conducting a thorough planning process to fully understand the goals of the university and its target audience, we used targeted demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data points to develop online video ads with powerful creative messaging. This creative was placed on the most relevant platforms across the web.

To avoid burnout and ensure audience engagement, the campaign included hyper-targeting, site-indexing, programmatic buying, dynamic CPM bidding, creative strategy, and ongoing media optimization. Newly developed KPIs were utilized by placing a conversion pixel on the RFMI form, referencing costs associated with conversion metrics. For optimal effectiveness, we assigned a cost-per-click to the video media, while cross-referencing conversion data.

The strategy was a success. Cost-per-conversion decreased from $175 to below $20, while generating high-quality leads without the big spend.