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Director of Business Development

Let’s Build Something Together … Apex Media is a fast growing, innovative, family-owned/operated, media company. If this has caught your interest so far and sounds interesting to you, it’s important you know we are looking for individuals who are inspired to be a part of something much bigger than themselves.

Apex Media Partners, LLC is seeking a Director of Business Development to join our team.  As a niche media organization, we create huge impact and value for our clients by using all media platforms: linear, digital, and streaming.  Apex Media is a company without layers of corporate management to navigate.  It’s all about prospecting, building relationships, understanding a potential customer’s mission and purpose, and cultivating partnerships …. focused on Humanitarian, Distance Learning, and other Direct Response business sectors.

Apex Media is about working with organizations to clearly see their future, effectively deliver their mission and scale their impact.

Learn more about Apex Media Partners, LLC at www.apexmedia.com.

Who We Are

Apex Media envisions new possibilities for nonprofits, education, and humanitarian organizations. For over a quarter century, we’ve put more than 150 years of combined media experience to work in the ever-changing media landscape, growing organizations from local to national brands, while raising hundreds of millions of dollars for clients every year.

This expertise, coupled with our suite of proprietary tools and technology, is designed specifically to propel organizations to their next level. With unparalleled media strategies, research, and flawless execution of media and marketing campaigns, our team produces the results needed to impact, influence, and inspire a better world.

Apex Media has a flawless reputation within the media industry for over 30 years.

Our Core Values    

Curiosity – Having an open mind to new ways leads to new opportunities.

Generosity – We call this going the extra mile.

Courage – With confidence, we embrace transformative change with our client’s mission top of mind.

What We Do

Organizations with a growth mindset thrive when they are in constant motion, embracing and adapting to the change that is happening around them, advancing toward a new future. We keep nonprofits, universities, and faith-based organizations moving, challenging the ‘status quo,’ while confidently producing the results they’re striving toward.

To find and connect with the client’s audience in today’s world, meaningful communication is a must. Our team uses various media platforms to advance our client’s voice, raise money for their cause, and ultimately transform lives through their organization’s mission.

  • Humanitarian/Nonprofits – Connecting people who want to make a difference in the world (donors) and supporting these organizations to advance their cause
  • Distance Learning/Universities – Connecting people who are looking for higher education that meet their needs
  • Ministry/Faith-Based – Connecting people to the word of God

More About Apex Media Partners

We believe that a healthy workplace environment is key to satisfaction and personal fulfillment.  Apex Media is committed to assisting you with attaining that.   We maintain a strong commitment to teamwork, accessibility within the company for exceptional communication, and quick recognition to celebrate successes and accomplishments.   In addition to a competitive compensation package, Apex Media will provide you with a comprehensive suite of employee benefits including health insurance, life insurance, dental and vision coverage, disability insurance, a 401k, and a Personal Time Off program.

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Featured Employment Opportunities

Director of Business Development

Apex Media Partners, LLC is seeking a Director of Business Development to join our team. Reporting to the Vice President for Strategy and Growth, the Director of Business Development will become a champion of Apex Media Partners and advocate our products, processes, and operations to prospective clients.  This will be accomplished through cultivating relations with CMOs, their team members, and other executives representing qualified prospects.

The Director of Business Development will initiate sales and the generation of Apex Media Agency business by:

  • Developing a target list of potential prospects
  • Researching the prospects business needs for an Apex Media fit
  • Generating sales leads
  • Qualifying sales prospects
  • Conducting presentations to appropriately qualified sales prospects
  • Providing specific agency media offering information
  • Building rapport with the prospects
  • Providing the agency sales team with qualified, interested prospects.

The Requirements for our Director of Business Development are:

  • Master at building rapport with prospects.
  • Skillful with handling objections.
  • Experience in marketing campaigns that engage with Chief Marketing Officers/ Directors/ Managers.
  • Extensive experience at cold calling and generating leads.
  • Familiarity with CRM systems.
  • Self-starter at creating marketing and sales campaigns.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Excellent organization and time management skills.
  • To develop relationships deep in the prospect’s organization.
  • Preferably understands effective multi-channel media promotions.

Desirable Qualifications:

The desirable Director of Business Development candidate must be a conscientious person – embodying traits such as honesty, dependability, accountability, and responsibility. The successful person in this role must be curious, courageous, self-driven and goal oriented with a sense of urgency.  The incumbent will have ambition and a passion for sales, offering grit and determination to a team-oriented environment.

Along with years’ experience with business development, marketing, and /or media buying, the successful candidate will ideally have earned a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing or similar study that demonstrates value.

The Director of Business Development must possess strong, compelling, and persuasive sales skills which can be expressed through written, conversational, and presentation scenarios, and must demonstrate a proven track record of meeting and exceeding benchmarks.

To apply, please email your resume to: hr@apexmedia.com.