Dennis Hart

Vice Chairman

With over 5 decades of sales and marketing experience in several competitive industries, Dennis started his media career making important contributions and transforming broadcast and network representation. In the mid-1980’s Dennis put his years of sales experience to work building a profitable media sales division for an organization that represented top TV evangelists. A passionate innovator and creator, Dennis quickly identified an industry need. With no formal training, he singlehandedly initiated the barter/trade model within paid programming.

Dennis realized that outdated, traditional sales techniques were holding stations back from hitting annual budgets. Bringing the tried-and-true barter/trade concept into the media industry allowed stations to turn unsold or undersold air time into increased station revenue. Because of Dennis’s insight, infomercial advertisers and religious programming had new media opportunities and the stations’ unsold inventory issues were solved. Win-win-win.
Soon after, he set out on his own to launch Apex Media, specializing in long-form, direct-response TV advertising with a mission of helping stations with their core budget and inventory needs. One of the many key components of Apex Media’s rapid growth was the development of proprietary software deployed in hundreds of stations across the country, which is still utilized today.

The innovation Dennis pioneered in his early years through Apex Media lives on now as Vision40 Media, a Lee Equity company, where he serves as vice chairman. He continues to serve ministry clients in creating efficient media strategies, as well as bringing his innovative approach to all the clients Vision40 Media serves. The company owes much of its current success to Dennis’s ability to see and seize rare opportunities with superior strategy, negotiation, and management skills. He credits most of his success to ensuring every deal is transparent and making sure everyone walks away with a smile on their face. His approach must be working – some of his first clients are still with the company today.