Success Defined

Engaging Creative Ignites Response Across All Media Platforms

A child sponsorship organization was looking to boost brand awareness using short-form media in the marketplace.

After our comprehensive analysis of the organization’s brand, including objectives, goals, and target audiences, our team crafted a creative story-line campaign that rejuvenated the brand. We created a compelling short-form television spot with media placements that included national cable news networks and network news.

The engaging creative featured children from a variety of impoverished communities acting as superheroes, which conveyed a gripping, powerful message that children ‘can’ pretend to be a superhero but can’t pretend they’re not hungry.

The success of the short-form campaign was only enhanced by the organization’s long-form media campaign. As a result, ROI increased by 15 percent, direct mail increased by 10 percent, web traffic skyrocketed, and new names were added to the fundraising database.