Success Defined

Faith-Based Ministry Reduces National TV Airtime Rates by 12% & Generates 15% Improved Viewership From Targeted TV Campaigns

At Vision40 Media, our team of experts in media marketing (TV, Radio and Digital) have helped our clients efficiently increase exposure, improve retention and reduce the cost per donor for nonprofit organizations.

Just like we did for one of our Faith-Based Ministry clients.

To justify using TV marketing, this ministry needed to reduce the cost per call. They came to us because they were paying too much to acquire new donors from their TV campaigns. Not having a deep understanding of their viewing audience, the ministry struggled to create engagement for viewers to take action.

We identified their ideal audience by using our proprietary targeting and research tools, in combination with providing detailed research and a full media audit. The results exposed that improvements in retention and efficiencies could be made in their current media plan.

We reduced their national TV airtime rates by 12% and elevated the TV stations and time periods where the campaigns aired, to align with the targeted audience. This led to highly engaged viewers with an improved viewership of 15%.