Van Mylar

Vice President, Client Strategy and Revenue Growth

As Vice President of Client Strategy and Revenue Growth, Van Mylar helps faith-based and nonprofit organizations to advance their voice and raise funds while transforming lives, guided by Vision40 Media’s mission. As an executive leader, Van is aware of “what’s now” and “what’s next,” identifying trends that will significantly impact results. With a plethora of cross-media channels available today, he uses his extensive research and industry expertise to help clients discover where their audiences are. Understanding cluster group motivations with insights from digital, video and audio usage behavior helps Van to lead the marketing team to create and execute a strategy that raises billions of dollars.

Van’s extensive experience in the field of broadcast media, including stints with Omnicom and Warner Brothers, has honed his ability to truly get to know each organization and understand their mission. He’s a firm believer that your audience must be moved by your mission and feel as if they are part of something bigger than themselves. Under his professional advisement, countless organizations have been able to capture the attention of prospective donors and, more importantly, keep those donors for the long term.

Van’s unique talent led to a number of successes over the years, including a radio marketing campaign that grew an online university’s revenue from $25,000 to $1 million within a year, an integrated marketing plan that turned a nonprofit’s $2 million investment into $6 million in revenue in one year while sponsoring over 1000 children, and a targeted TV campaign that reduced airtime rates for a faith-based ministry by 12 percent, while generating 15 percent improved viewership. But for Van, not everything is about the numbers, but rather the impact in peoples’ lives he’s able to create with his resources.